road trip     

custer state park

Wildlife Drive, Custer State Park, South Dakota

Major traffic slowdown. Rush hour maybe?

Wildlife Drive

Ohhhhh... look, it's a bison!

Custer State Park

Juvenile Bighorn Sheep. They apparently like the side of the road for the salt-residue.

Custer State park

Um, more bison. A Ranger at Yellowstone described how they could sometimes get the animals to move by creeping up slowly. We tried that and it worked, though there was one big bull who didn't move much and just eyed us as we sneaked past.

Outdoor eduction building

This building used to be the visitor's center (there's a new one) and they staff are turning it into a magnificent outdoor learning center complete with a "Toddler Trail.".

North Stockade Lake Campground

Campsite 14 - nice, big, and separated from adjacent sites by some little valleys on either side.

North Stockade Lake Campground

Our big backyard.

North Stockade Lake Campground

This "rock" is the size of a small toolshed, I am sure you could park a couple of Smart Cars in it.


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