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Wisconsin Ridge site 155

Campsite overlooks the Wisconsin River near where it meets the Mississippi. First night is breezy and in the 50's. Overnight low will be 47 degrees. (Right-click on an image and select "view image" for a larger view)

camp kitchen

Camp kitchen made from two wine boxes, complete with pots and pans, utinsels, plates and bowls, stanley french press coffee thermos, two coleman backpacking stoves, a tea pot, Penzeys spices, everything a cook might need.

camp cook

Beef stroganoff tonight.

Wisconsin River from the campsite

Looking West, toward the Mississippi

Wisconsin River from the campsite

Looking East.


Sunrise, 5:31 a.m. looking East. Dawn was 4:57 a.m., announced by thousands of singing birds. Joy in the morning...

Effigy Mound National Monument

Our tax dollars at work. Money well spent, places like this are our national treasures.

Switchback trail.

The trail gains 300 feet in a third of a mile. The effigy mounds are stunning but really hard to photograph.


...growing out of rock.

Some days...

...are just like that.


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